Custom Audiences

It can be extremely difficult to build a brand new audience out of Facebook’s 2.32 Billion users worldwide. I remember spending hours trying to pin point my target audience only to find out my content didn’t resonate with them.

After a couple of setbacks I realised that I had overlooked the audience I already had. Many businesses do exactly the same thing. They get hell bent on trying to target new customers that they overlook or forget about the customers or followers they already have within their business.

This is a powerful realisation as through your current customers or followers you can create custom audiences as well as creating momentum within your business.

The engagement setting within the custom audience setting in Facebook makes this process very easy and what’s better is that you can even overlap engagements from Instagram and target those same people on Facebook where conversions tend to be a bit better.

When you have created the custom audience you should split test different aspects of the ad in order to really figure out what works best with the audience.

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