Facebook Ads Marketing Services for UK Businesses

Why UK-Based Businesses Need Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the top social media platform, with over 2 billion users worldwide. Whether you are targeting a UK audience or an international one – Facebook advertising is a great jumping-off point. Unlike building traffic for your website, you don’t have to depend on searches and fight for Google’s attention. Instead, the platform comes with its own “built-in” audience.

Facebook marketing is an easy way to access your target market and provides other benefits as well. You can increase brand awareness, expand your target demographic, and generate high-quality leads. What business would willingly pass up on that? No one. Facebook advertising is filled with opportunities – it is high time you use it.

One of the greatest strengths (and weaknesses) of Facebook is its algorithm. It basically dictates who can see what. Once you figure out the algorithm, you have the power to make your social media campaign a success. The only issue is that it never stays the same for too long. There are constant updates and revisions. When your campaign is left unattended, they might not perform as well and fall behind.

To ensure your competitive edge, work with an experienced Facebook marketing agency like Red Rag Marketing. Our Facebook advertising services include marketing strategy, content creation, community engagement, and campaign optimisation. When you work with us, you are sure to get results.

Our Facebook Ads Marketing Process


We can help you develop an advertising strategy to get you the results you want. How? By assessing your Facebook page, old campaigns, target market, and business objectives. With this information in mind, our team of experts will create a customised plan that caters to your business’ needs. A tailor-made strategy is implemented instead of a one-size-fits-all.


No one wants to put time and resources on an advertising campaign that doesn’t work. That’s why Red Rag Marketing invests time researching different demographics, ad formats, and ad placements. With the right research, we can create campaigns that guarantee results. Facebook advertising may be complex, but with our expertise, you can have data-driven Facebook ads in no time.


Red Rag Marketing doesn’t stop at research. We regularly check the metrics of each Facebook ad and see if there are any existing gaps. If there is a problem with performance, our team will immediately remedy the situation. With our optimised ads, capture the attention of your target audience and followers!


Working with a third-party Facebook marketing agency may be difficult at first. But Red Rag Marketing aims to be a partner in every sense of the word. Every week we present a report with our deliverables and findings, so you are always informed. We watch all relevant metrics like impressions, leads, conversions, return on ad spend (ROAS), click-through rate (CTR), among many others. It is this careful attention to detail that allows us to deliver the best ROI for your business.

Why You Should Trust Us with your Facebook Advertising

Red Rag is a Facebook marketing agency that is fully committed to data-driven campaigns and visible results. We offer clients a hassle-free Facebook advertising experience with our team of experts. Whether it is improving the customer journey, user experience, brand awareness, or generating leads and conversions – our strategies can hold up against other industry giants.

Besides Facebook, we also work with other social media platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn. If you are ready to branch out online, a digital advertising agency like Red Rag Marketing is a perfect choice! 

We will deliver the best ROI and increase the overall engagement to your Facebook page and business website. With these new numbers, expect more leads and sales. Let’s work together and make this happen. Get in touch with Red Rag Marketing!

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Gemma – it’seeze Web Design Knutsford 
“Jamie uses Facebook Ads to help our clients get exceptional results. For example, one of our clients are getting a return of 5.7x on their ad spend. So for every £1 they spend on Facebook ads, they are getting a return of £5.70 in increased business.”  
Joe Hormenoo – Round Corp 
“They keep pushing and pushing until they get you results. For me they come highly recommended because they spend time to understand you an your business and tailor their services to achieve your goals.”