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Social Media is a marketing chain reaction. What your customers are doing on social media, where they’re going, and what their interests are affects you whether or not you participate in the conversation – that’s why Red Rag Marketing has created strategic campaigns for businesses of all shapes and sizes to get involved!

With so many choices of social media agencies in Manchester, how do you really choose the right one?

It’s quite simple. Proven results will show your target customers that they’re making the best choice with your company! Founded in London, Red Rag Marketing is a company that has helped businesses with their social media marketing needs. We’re proud to say we’ve already produced results for our clients and they’ll be more than happy to tell you how well their campaigns went.

With our track record of successfully launched social media marketing campaigns and satisfied past clients, you certainly don’t have to think twice – Red Rag Marketing is surely your way to go.

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Manchester Social Media Marketing Services

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Facebook Marketing for Manchester Businesses

Facebook has more than 2.7 billion active global users, with approximately 46 million in the UK alone. With this, it clearly has become evident that it is important for a business to employ a Facebook marketing campaign in Manchester. Another fact is that an average user spends more time on Facebook than any other social media platform. What better way to make their time worthwhile? Well, by showing them how great your business is.

Instagram Marketing for Manchester Businesses

With over 26.54 million active users in the UK alone, Instagram is the perfect place for your business to market your product and generate hype to its target audience! Let our social media marketing agency in Manchester customise an Instagram marketing campaign specifically tailored to Manchester locals that will encourage them into making a lifestyle change with your products. Shoot us a call if you’re ready to take your Instagram marketing campaign to the next level!

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LinkedIn Marketing for Manchester Businesses

LinkedIn is the social media site for business networking for professionals, and it’s an incredible way to raise awareness of your brand. In Manchester? Then you’re in luck! Red Rag Marketing can help generate leads and boost your company’s visibility with our LinkedIn marketing campaign. If that sounds great, then we’ll put together a custom campaign just for you and send out invitations to all of your contacts on LinkedIn who will be happy to connect and collaborate with you too!

Facebook Marketing Training for Manchester Businesses

Social media marketing is the hot new thing in modern advertising, and if you want to stay on top of trends then it’s time for your company to get up-to-date with a full-on and in-depth social media training. With a reputable social media marketing agency like Red Rag Marketing by your side, managing all those pesky updates will be easy as pie! Just call us now; we’ll help make sure that no stone goes unturned when crafting campaigns or updating content so that every single one of them looks perfect – an invaluable asset for any business looking to succeed online today!
Social Media Marketing Training

Why Businesses in Manchester Want to Work With Us

Red Rag Marketing was founded on the principles of providing excellent customer service from day one which started by helping small business owners get set up on Facebook advertising campaigns back when it first became popular years ago. Nowadays there are many ways people can advertise online like Instagram or Facebook ads – but at Red Rag Marketing – all those avenues just revolve around what’s best for your specific goals and only after considering them will an effective strategy be devised so make sure you talk things through before choosing any option

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Local Information About Manchester

Competition in Manchester is tough. Having the country’s fifth-largest population (~550,000 as of 2018) and being situated within the United Kingdom’s second-populous urban area, it truly is a gamble to start a business in a competitive place like Manchester. However, start-up businesses, or even those who are in the business for quite some time already, can make sure their business is at par, or better, even, with other businesses in the area when they partner with a trusted social media marketing agency known to deliver promising results. Luckily with Red Rag Marketing’s help, this can be achieved! Step up your game with us now!

Is your business located in other cities? We also offer Social Media Marketing Services in London and Liverpool.