I remember getting introduced to the targeting section of my first Facebook ads campaign and walking away feeling nervous and excited at the same time…

I was excited because I couldn’t believe the level in which people could be targeted.

Nervous because the possible combinations felt overwhelming.

I mean you can target someone who is 25, male, living in Manchester who has a keen interest in modern arts if you wanted to. 

In theory this possibility is incredible but in reality most businesses struggle with this as there are so many options they don’t know who to target, when and how.

The first question I found myself needing to answer was “who is my ideal customer?”

When answering this I found it important to really think about it and take my time. In successful campaigns this can be the most important question of all and this helped me get really clear on who I wanted to target.

The clearer you are on this subject the more strategic you can be with you campaign.

You need to be able to answer questions like…

Who is my perfect customer?

What are their interests?

What are their biggest challenges?

How can you help them with those challenges?

If your business can’t solve a problem for that customer, then you are targeting the wrong audience.

So take five minutes grab a pen and answer these questions. It will help set the direction of the whole campaign.