LinkedIn Ads Marketing Services for UK Businesses

Why UK-Based Businesses Need LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn, as a platform, has always been about creating opportunities for professionals. And with 722 million users – they are definitely doing something right! No matter what industry or business you are in, LinkedIn advertising can do wonders for your company’s development and growth!

For B2B companies, LinkedIn is prime territory. Unlike other social media platforms that mix the personal and professional – LinkedIn cuts to the chase. It exclusively works with executives, professionals, and other industry personnel. When you have an effective LinkedIn ad, you can market to the decision-makers. 

Ultimately, this means an increase in sales, lead generation, and business partnerships. 

With your improved industry presence, you expand brand awareness and brand authority. What usually takes time and word of mouth can now be achieved with an effective social media campaign. Whenever someone looks up your service, you are sure to be the first on their radar.

Expanding your reach does not only mean more clients but more potential employees as well. As you promote your company and services, you might catch the eye of other experts and industry hopefuls. When it comes to connections, no one does it better than LinkedIn marketing.

A LinkedIn advertising agency like Red Rag Marketing can do all this for you and more. UK clients are sure to get a custom strategy that will meet their business goals.

Our LinkedIn Ads Marketing Process


We work closely with you to create a LinkedIn marketing strategy that meets your business goals. Red Rag Marketing uses the best practices to create targeted ads and generate leads. Besides PPC management, we also work to increase brand awareness and brand authority on the social media platform.


Behind every successful social media marketing campaign are hours of research. We work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure that every phase is backed by numbers and results. From identifying the right target demographic to researching the best practices – our team has the data necessary to make your LinkedIn ads a success.


After we launch your social media campaign, we keep a close eye on its performance. We use data analytics and other digital marketing strategies to ensure that it never falls behind. With top-notch optimisation, your LinkedIn ads will continue to be visible to your target market.


With Red Rag Marketing, you are never in the dark with your social media strategy. We report the results of advertising campaigns every week so that you are always informed. Should there be any issues or changes, our LinkedIn advertising agency can quickly adjust. When it comes to LinkedIn ads, Red Rag aims to deliver results.

Why You Should Trust Us with your LinkedIn Advertising

Red Rag Marketing has always been about the numbers. Unlike other social media advertising companies, we don’t over-promise and we don’t over-sell. We take a look at your business website and social media accounts before we make any recommendations. By doing so, we provide a customised social media campaign that targets all your business’ needs and concerns.

Red Rag Marketing is committed to being a long-term partner for customers. We can handle content creation, video content, ad campaigns, and other advertising services. With our dedicated team, your LinkedIn advertising campaign is sure to bring you to industry decision-makers. If you are interested in hiring a LinkedIn advertising agency, contact us now!

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Gemma – it’seeze Web Design Knutsford 
“Jamie uses Facebook Ads to help our clients get exceptional results. For example, one of our clients are getting a return of 5.7x on their ad spend. So for every £1 they spend on Facebook ads, they are getting a return of £5.70 in increased business.”  
Joe Hormenoo – Round Corp 
“They keep pushing and pushing until they get you results. For me they come highly recommended because they spend time to understand you an your business and tailor their services to achieve your goals.”