Red Rag Marketing CEO Shares Journey to The Daily Express

Red Rag Marketing CEO Shares Journey to The Daily Express

Red Rag Marketing was recently featured in The Daily Express, one of the largest national newspapers in the United Kingdom. In the article, Jamie Parker, the founder, and CEO of Red Rag Marketing shared the company’s journey to get to where it is today.

Mr. Parker shared that he did not expect Red Rag Marketing to grow from just a simple side hustle to a successful business that has the potential of earning half a million pounds in profit. He also recalled his first year in the industry when the lifeline of the company was just him and the money that came from his own pockets.

“When I took on my first client, the only money that was in the business was mine; it wasn’t a lot! Two years on, we’ve had no investment from anyone. All the money has come from the business itself.”

Now, in its third year, Red Rag Marketing is expected to generate £432,000 in profit, a 500% increase from the £72,000 turnover during the company’s first year. It also now has more than 30 location services over the UK, ready to serve businesses from different sectors and industries. Red Rag Marketing has also diversified from offering Facebook ads marketing services to Instagram and LinkedIn ads marketing services. On top of these, the company also provides Facebook marketing training for businesses.

Mr. Parker attributes the success of the company to his Red Rag Marketing team. He describes them as technically brilliant and incredibly hardworking people. The company’s dream team comprises Richard Forbes, Nicola Woodhouse, Christian Parker, Hao Tseng, and Dayanara Viojan. They respectively work as Senior Media Buyer, Administrator, Account Manager, Media Buyer, and Content Specialist.

“Every single member of my team has been instrumental in their own way. Every person I hire is better than me.”

When asked for the advice he can give to other aspiring businessmen, Mr. Parker enumerated three things. The first is to find value rather than regret in failures. The second is to keep the cash flow moving by keeping on top of client payments. The third is to be willing to do things that your competitors will likely be afraid to do. 

Mr. Parker ended the interview with a note of gratitude. He said he wouldn’t call himself a successful entrepreneur yet, much like Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos. However, he’s proud of the opportunities he created and the path he opened for him and his team. 

“I’m proud of the opportunities I’ve created for my team who enjoy flexible working patterns. I’m delighted to be able to earn a living doing something I love.”