How to find the best Facebook advertising agency in London

How to find the best Facebook advertising agency in London

Finding a convincing advertising agency can be easy but spotting one that will give you the numbers will take effort. Save yourself from burning your money on partnerships that won’t benefit you or your business! Here are some proven tips on finding a Facebook advertising agency in London

Set your standards

If you’re reading this article, you probably already have some knowledge about digital marketing and you’re probably aware of the necessary outputs you have to ask. Still, here’s a refresher: reach, sales conversions, clicks these things are some of the outputs that your digital advertiser should harvest for you at the end of every campaign. 

So how should you set your standards before responding to agencies that reached out to you? Here are some things that you should keep in mind: 

Your business goals will guide you

Does your brand need more exposure and recognition? Gaining reach should be the direction of your digital marketing campaign. Does your business need more sales? You might want to do some retargeting campaigns to get back to those interested enough to click but did not proceed to checkout. 

If you’re not aware of what your business needs to improve, then a good agency will help you understand and help set those goals for you. Find one with proven expertise in marketing that you need help with when searching for an advertising agency.

Set a budget and be prepared to adjust

Part of setting your standards is your budget. As a client, you will be paying for your agency fees and the costs of running those marketing campaigns. Establishing a budget will quickly help you filter out service providers that can operate within your finances. Make sure that you have your figures in mind but don’t be so tight on the idea of having to adjust it from time to time slightly; afterall, marketing is a people business, and people tend to be unpredictable. 

Find an agency with established experience

Finding an agency with an established experience in the business can give you an assurance of quality and output. The agency’s years of serving other clients also equip them with the needed skills and knowledge in building yours. Experience can come from 1-2 long-term clients, so don’t get hasty on removing some names from the list as you might overlook some reliable small agencies that can do the job for you. 

Ask for the process, not just the results 

Don’t fall for promised results. Instead, ask them about how they can get you those results. You only have to ask about the general details so both you and the agency can align on how to bring your advertising game up! Spot an agency with a set process along with specific results, make sure you understand them, and you can visualise how that applies to your business. 

Find an advertiser with a good industry reputation

Finding an agency with a good industry reputation can be as easy as you think it is. An agency with a good industry reputation tends to be a prominent name in the digital and offline markets. An established marketer can be easily known through the internet or a previous client, so it won’t be too hard for you to find them! 

Choose an advertiser with a presentable website

Any good advertiser knows that the first thing that greets your customer should be the most presentable. In the case of the digital world, that would be the website’s landing page. So how can you trust a marketer that has a crowded and unpresentable website? Unfortunately, the answer is you don’t. 

A good advertising agency will have a presentable website period. Your advertiser’s webpage must be attention-catching, well organised, and engaging with all the details that you need as a customer. If they understand how ads work, they must know how to apply them to their websites.  

Establish good communication 

A good service provider should be reachable to their clients when needed. Even in the scouting process, you should build a good rapport with your advertising agency. Your advertiser must be able to answer your queries when required. Ask your list of potential advertisers if they are open to a set monthly reporting once or twice a month so you can see the progress and give your insights and feedback leading to the more robust implementation of your advertising strategies. Remember, part of building the partnership is the communication plan between parties. 

Proven results

A reliable digital marketing agency will be able to give you their numbers with pride. Check out your advertiser’s websites and see some testimonials from previous clients. Check out each video or section on the web page and see if there’s been the same case as you. If you find a client who had the same advertising concerns as you that the agency effectively gave a solution, then that company must be worth considering. 

Contact potential partners

Reach out to as many agencies as you can until you see a potential partnership. Every advertising agency online has its unique strategy for getting those results for you. However, to know who can work within your budget, align with your business goals, have experience and industry reputation, and proactively communicate with you, you will need to reach out to all your leads

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