What really makes the difference in performance with Facebook ads?

What really makes the difference in performance with Facebook ads?

Many businesses struggle with creating an effective marketing strategy using social media. In fact, most businesses don’t even have a marketing strategy for social media at all. This tends to stem from a lack of understanding about the potential of these platforms. However, help is at hand, we are here to help small to medium size businesses break through the cloud of information and bring clarity to an incredibly powerful tool in the fight against social media ineffectiveness.

When running Facebook ads many businesses think it’s enough to throw some ad copy together with a stock photo, input some basic targeting and hit the boost button. I’m afraid to say that unless you are the luckiest person in the world very rarely will this work for you.

One of the main differences between failed ads and successful ones on platforms such as Facebook is ‘split testing’. Split testing is a marketing term used when two elements of an ad are tested against each other in an effort to see which one performs best according to the data.

It’s important to understand that if the split test is to work for your every decision that’s made needs to be data driven. Understanding and benchmarking this data against targets will allow changes to be made with confidence. Every test that’s run isn’t necessarily going to change the world and set the ad on fire with customer leads coming through like a machine gun. However, small incremental changes persisted over time will go on to have a big effect on the ads overall performance.

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