The Novice Guide to Facebook Marketing: Basic Terms You Need to Know

The Novice Guide to Facebook Marketing: Basic Terms You Need to Know

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Facebook marketing is  relatively new to the marketing industry.. The giant social media platform, Facebook, has come a long way from when it was first created by Mark Zuckerberg back in 2004.

Facebook has greatly evolved, and with it  a whole new glossary of words with terms like organic reach, followers, and page admins becoming everyday use.

In this article, we explain the terms that you will see when you market your brand on Facebook. We have also included the terms on the various analytics tools you can use  to track the success of your social media strategies.

General Facebook Terms

Here are some general Facebook terms that you’ll likely come across when using the platform:


Facebook Apps are third-party applications that provide Facebook users with additional features and activities


A Badge is a personalized box that you create when sharing your Facebook profile, photos, or Business Page on websites.


Messenger is Facebook’s feature that allows its users to send instant messages to their friends or followers. 

Facebook Event

This feature allows users to organise events, gather RSVPs, and respond to invitations. Facebook Event makes it easier to create a guest list for when you’re hosting a party.


Following is a less personal and less invasive way of keeping yourself updated with accounts and pages that you are not friends with. 


Being friends on Facebook allows you to connect more personally with other accounts. 

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups make it easy to connect with a group of people that you share mutual interests with. These are dedicated virtual spaces where you can share updates, ask questions, and just interact with other people.

Reactions & Page Likes

A reaction or like is a positive feedback that your friends and followers give to you. You will get a notification for every reaction and like that you receive. When a follower reacts to or likes your post, that means they’re interested in what you’re talking about. On the other hand, a page like means they want to see more of your content on their timeline. The number of reactions and likes is an important metric in Facebook marketing.

News Feed

This is your personal timeline. It is constantly updated with updates from your friends, the pages that you liked, and groups that you are a part of. You can see status updates, photos, videos, links, ads, app activities, etc on your news feed.


When you are tagged, this means that your account or page is linked to a certain person, page, status update, comment, or photo.

Status Update

A status update is a short post on your Facebook feed, page or group that you can share to your friends and followers. You can talk about what you’re doing, thinking, or feeling. This is also used to honour someone’s memory or to celebrate an achievement.

Page Admin

When you create a Page, you automatically become the Page’s admin. You can change the details on the Page and post as the Page itself. You can also assign your friends/colleagues with other roles such as moderator, advertiser, analyst, and editor.

Verified Page

Facebook Pages can request to be verified by Facebook to guarantee their authenticity. Because anyone  can create a fake profile, it is important that there are verified accounts for famous brands and artists to make sure that they protect their reputation. Verified pages of celebrities, public figures, global brands, businesses, and media have a blue badge next to the name of their Facebook Page.

Organic Reach

Organic reach is the number of unique individuals or accounts who saw your post on your page from their News Feed. This is an important metric as it means that your content is gaining traction without having to shell out money for Facebook to advertise your brand.

Paid Reach

On the other hand, paid reach is the number of unique individuals or accounts that saw a certain post of yours through a paid source like Facebook Ads or a Promoted Post. This metric is important to measure to determine whether your Facebook marketing strategy is successful or not. How much are you willing to spend on page engagement and video views? Is your paid reach enough for you?

Post Reach

Post Reach is the total number of people who saw your post, regardless of whether it was through organic means or through Facebook Ads. You can also see your potential reach from the Insights tool.

As you can see, Facebook Marketing is an extremely complex process. As you go deeper with your Facebook Marketing campaigns, the more terms that you will encounter. If you’re lost on what to do, don’t despair. Red Rag Marketing is here to help with your campaigns.

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