How to start a business in London

How to start a business in London

If you’re looking for the right venture that gives you the freedom of doing what you love while earning, then this article is here to help! Read further on how you can come with the right business idea, establish your product, and reach your target market.

Begin with the right business idea 

Every person has a million-pound idea at least once in their lives. These might come at any moment; it could be while doing household chores or on your way to run some errands. Point is, these ideas to pursue that could make a profit can come anytime. While some ideas might come at random moments, there are ways where you can spot one or two good business ideas. 

Are you ready for that million-pound idea? Start by doing these things: 

Find your passion 

The best business idea might be the one that’s right in front of you. You’re gifted naturally in the things that you’re passionate about, as you already have the skills, knowledge, and killer instincts in all aspects when it comes to your passion, so if you have something you enjoy doing no matter what time of the day, leverage that!

Convert that passion to something that makes you money by teaching it to someone else for a fee, supply the materials needed for the craft, or sell products from it. There are many ways to earn while you pursue what you enjoy the most, so better start there! 

Try to solve a problem

Each problem needs a solution. The best thing about it? Is it that we, as humans, could create solutions to our very own issues. One exercise you can do is look at the things around you and observe if you often encounter a repetitive problem in your environment. Is it the clogged sink? Your neighbour’s untrimmed lawn? 

Find something that causes a limitation around your home or community and see if you can create a solution. With research and persistence, you’ll surely get to the right solution for the problem you’ve identified. 

Innovate an existing idea

Some things require change, even when they’re already used for a long time. That’s why there’s a need for an upgrade! Find more ingenious ways to improve a service or a product that people are currently using. Not only do you have an established market, but you also have a higher chance of successfully disrupting it with a better product! 

Make a business plan

After you come up with a good idea, then it’s time to write your business plan. They say that the difference between successful businesses and those that did not pan out is a registered business plan. So let’s make sure that you have one for the business that you want to put up. Here are the essential parts of your business plan: 

  • Executive Summary – An executive summary serves as a shortened business plan. It shows the connection within the parts of your business plan, making it easier for readers and investors to understand. 
  • Financial Plan – The financial plan shows the resources required by your business. How much capital it will take to run the industry, and how much will be your profit. Some of the expenses are materials, human resources, and marketing expenses.  
  • Marketing Plan – Marketing is the bridge between your product or service to its intended customers. Good marketing is one of the essential parts of a SUCCESSFUL business. Again, it’s how you’re going to connect your business to people.

Register your business

Whether you’re planning to launch a small or large business, it’s vital to get it registered to establish its legitimacy. Part of this is identifying the structure of your business. For example, is it a sole ownership (1 owner), a partnership (2 or more shareholders), or a limited company (separate legal entity)? Once you’ve decided the business structure you want to build, you can now register your business to the Companies House. 

Launching your business

Once you’ve accomplished your business requirements, it’s time to launch your business to the whole of London! If you have a physical location, then you should consider organising an opening event. On the other hand, creating a launch campaign should be your next step if you own an online business. 

Know your target market

Everything about the product or service is about your market. Marketing is very important to your business. For example, are you selling for men or women? How about the age group? Know who and what types of people will most likely need your product and tailor your communication methods based on their behaviour. Knowing how your target market behaves will lead to better strategies to increase your products’ take-up rate and, eventually, your sales. 

Grow your business online 

Growing your business online is one of the fastest channels to reach leads and customers. 

Did you know that there are 4.2 billion active social media users in the world? That amounts to more than half of the whole world population! So imagine if you can reach a portion of that 4.2 billion, you can make a significant change in your business. So how do you do it? How do you conquer the digital space? How can you reach out to the online world? 

The answer lies in social media marketing. 

Social media marketing is a method of marketing explicitly developed to help businesses dominate the digital space through social media. Social media marketing allows you to define your market through each platform’s analytics which turns into a great insight in devising highly effective campaigns that will introduce and boost your product and services anywhere! 

With a brilliant strategy, in-depth research, and robust execution, you won’t ever lose leads and conversions! 

Facebook for Business

Today, Facebook has about 2.45 billion active users on the platform, making it ideal for the market. In addition to this, Facebook has developed its platform to be a strategic tool for business owners. For example, they launched the Facebook Shop, which allows business owners to list their products online through their Facebook page; it also has Facebook for Business which serves as a monitoring scheme for advertisement spending and conversions. 

Social media is becoming a one-stop app for businesses online! So make sure you include this on your learning list as a business owner in London. Did you know that 83% of Instagram users say that they discover new brands through the social media platform?

Be part of the forefront of this growing trend and start leveraging social media to grow your business! Do you want to train in the use of social media in the industry, or do you need an expert to kickstart an effective campaign and rake leads for your business? Then better connect with a London-based social media marketing agency today!