Best Tips to Get more Customers for your London-Based Business

Best Tips to Get more Customers for your London-Based Business

Expand your network

One thing about building your own business is that it is an extension of your personality. Not only because it’s your area of expertise, but also because you find your immediate market within your very own network. So one obvious yet reliable tactic to give you high chances of scoring more customers is expanding your network. So how do you take advantage of that? Below are ways to expand your network and customer base further: 

Find referrals

Establish the habit of asking your family and friends about people they know who might be interested in your product or service. You’ll be surprised by the number of referrals that will snowball from this tactic!

Network with other business owners

Networking and collaborating with businesses related to your product or service is also helpful in getting brand recognition and leads. For example, you own an artisanal beverage drink business, and you decided to partner up with your local eatery to boost sales and patronage. An idea could be offering a combo meal where people can save a portion of the fees for ordering your drink would be an effective campaign for both businesses. 

Take good photos and make good stories about your business

Taking lovely images of your products is a game-changer! People are highly visual, so make sure you make a good impression each time they see your products’ photos in advertisements. Add a good story in your social media copy or printed ads to hook potential customers to trying and subscribing to your product or service. 

Take good photos

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Develop your online presence

Digital media is one of the best things invented for businesses! Almost everyone has access to it, so reaching out to customers became as streamlined as it can be! Here are some ways to strengthen your digital presence: 

Build your website

Your website serves as your space on the internet. Ensure that you create one for your business. Customers can easily search for your website and reach out to you anytime and anywhere. In addition to this, you can utilise tools that will help you increase your website’s reach for free! 

Be on social media 

If you have not put up your business on social media by now, you have probably already lost thousands of sales. Social media is one of the fastest ways to get more leads and convert more customers without much effort. People see things that they might like because of social media algorithms. This means that people interested in your products can automatically see them on their feed and help them reach out to you and purchase. See? So if you’re still not on Facebook or Instagram, do us a favour and create one right after you read this article! 

Utilise social media advertising

Facebook advertising is one of the cheapest options for advertising, making it earn a separate number on this list. In addition, Facebook advertising allows you to do sponsored ads for your business all by yourself! Before, advertising will cost you thousands, but you can spend as little as 20 GBP for an advertisement for a small business using Facebook Ads.

Another feature of Facebook Ads is that it allows you to set your target demographics anytime and anywhere. So if you want to target Facebook users within a specific age range and location in London or the UK, you can specify that before blasting out a sponsored post or video. 

If you don’t know what to set for your ad, Facebook offers its AI targeting to run your ad through its database and analytics. Convenient right? So don’t miss out on this tool. Instead, learn about advertising on Facebook or hire an expert to help you run the best ads and get your leads


Learn how to reach out through campaigns

In addition to putting ads online and offline, you can also reach out by sending a personalised message to potential customers both online and offline. A reach-out campaign will notify your leads about your services and that you can cater to them. Reach out campaigns can be done on channels like email, through the post, or even a text message! You can experiment with two or more media and see what’s effective in attracting customers and build on that. 

Create sales promos

Sales promotions are one of the best tactics to attract and convert customers. Showing savings and bundles give the impression of better value. Applying this technique to your marketing campaigns attracts first-time customers and provide them with a chance to try your product. In addition to discount promotions, you can also do ‘buy one get one’ promos or even a raffle! 

Outsource marketing experts

Marketing your business is a skill you have to master, but you don’t have to delay your outputs for learning. You can hire freelancers or a London-based social media marketing agency to find more customers for you! Whether you have a product or service that you want to sell, working with marketing experts to guide you to a  digital marketing strategy might be the change you need in the business!

Our experts from Red Rag Marketing can help you with your marketing strategies! From identifying the right market to service to the campaigns to implement. We have proven results as shown by our previous clients! Ready to go digital? Contact us for free strategy planning for your business today!