How to Post the Best Images on Your Facebook Page

How to Post the Best Images on Your Facebook Page

Do you have a Facebook Page and are you active on it? What do you regularly post to get your audience’s attention and engage them? Do you use images or just plain text? If it’s just text, then you’re missing out on a key opportunity.

Studies have found that adding images on Facebook posts exponentially increases their engagement and aesthetics. After all, when we’re scrolling through our feed, what grabs our attention? It’s not the blocks of texts floating around, but rather the attached colourful and highly engaging images.

There are several types of images you can use including photographs, edited posters, GIFs, videos, and even a combination of everything. The idea is to gain the attention of your audience through wholesome content creation.

We live in a digital age. In 2021 almost everyone has a smartphone equipped with a high-powered camera able to take high-resolution shots resulting in the ability not just to shoot good photos, but also to share them to the world through social media. Incorporating this to your digital marketing strategy will do wonders to your business.

In this article, we will discuss how to create the best images for your Facebook Page.

1. Align with Your Branding Story

Your Facebook Page is an online extension of your company and as such, it must be aligned to your branding story. When you’re choosing which images to use, determine first if it is aligned with the online brand and reputation  that your company is trying to build and maintain. If it does, then go ahead.

Your published posts on your Facebook Page will say a great deal about your company. Most of your online audience will decide your trustworthiness and competence from your posts and online brand reputation. Only publish posts that are geared towards the image you want to create.

(I’m not sure this is correct anymore, business engagement is more about the real person behind the brand these days, I’d leave this paragraph out)

2. Use elements of Basic Graphic Design

It is important that your photos look as professional as possible. These days there are a multitude of Apps and platforms that can help you with this. The most popular is Canva which you can use for free or set up a subscription that gives access to more features. You don’t need to be an expert but look at pages you like, that get high engagement and look good, and see how you can incorporate these elements into your imagery. Well-lit and nicely styled photos go a long way to making your posts look professional rather than amateur.

3. Pace your Images, Schedule your Posts

On a personal Facebook account, it’s normal behaviour to post the entire contents of your gallery into an album and call it a day. However, with your Facebook Business page, you need to choose the best and only show those. Don’t include any blurred out of focus photos or images that don’t clearly show the subject by having a distracting background, or have items in frame that don’t belong there. If you want to create a uniform look to your posts, you can use a frame template or the same filter on each image.   Avoid posting multiple times a day as this  clutters up your audience’s newsfeed. Pace everything and schedule your posts according to your Marketing Plan.

4. Add a Watermark

Adding your logo to your images makes them brand recognisable and helps prevent them from being copied and used by others who claim them as their own work. You can’t stop people from stealing your images, and watermark removing Apps do exist, but it’s less likely your image will be reproduced if it has a logo on it. Remember if you use pre-made images from apps like Canva, these images are copywrite free and can be used by anyone.

5. Post Shareable Photos

When you post on your social media, the goal is for your audience to reshare your post. This is different to someone stealing your image and claiming it as their own, as described above, and  exponentially increases your audience reach. When you create content, it must be shareable to obtain free and organic exposure.

Photos are a great way to connect with your audience while also getting the attention of other people. Brainstorm with  your team or people around you on which photos would help you deliver your branding message while also enticing others to share it.

6. Write an Engaging Caption

When you post photos on your Facebook Business page, generally it must be accompanied with an engaging caption. This could be a funny or witty caption making your readers smile or laugh, or a behind the scenes description of your work place/methods, a sale or promotion, or a meaningful quote that lends itself to your business. The caption is important as it is what draws out the attention of your audience, particularly if you ask them a question.

How Red Rag Marketing can help

Creating an engaging Facebook post  is only the beginning. You can make your post work so much harder and longer for you which is why we recommend enlisting the help of professionals such as the Red Rag Marketing team. We offer a comprehensive Facebook Marketing package that helps you get the results you want by assessing your Facebook page, target market, and business objectives. With this information in mind, our team of experts will create a customised plan that caters to your business’ needs which can include  everything from writing captions, creating graphics, and targeting the right audience. Do you want to improve your social media marketing strategy? Contact us now!