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With people changing the way they interact in the age of the Internet, using the traditional ways of marketing will no longer reach the right audience. While traditional marketing still works, it is not as effective as digital marketing. You need to invest in a good social media marketing campaign. If you want guaranteed results, let Red Rag Marketing help.

Red Rag Marketing has an impressive record of providing clients with positive results. We have a team that specializes in analysing your business and devising customised social media strategies for your business. By availing our services, you ensure your ads go to your target market!

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Lancashire Social Media Marketing Services

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Facebook Marketing for Lancashire Businesses

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. There are over 46 million monthly active Facebook users in the UK. Thus, not being able to use Facebook to your advantage is a big loss for your business. Start a Facebook campaign and leverage your online presence. Set your business apart from other businesses in Lancashire by working with a social media marketing agency. If you want to generate leads and increase your sales, choose Red Rag Marketing for your campaign!

Instagram Marketing for Lancashire Businesses

Similar to Facebook, Instagram is also a massive platform with 26 million active users from the UK. Reach a wider audience and tap the right persons with an effective Instagram campaign. Create a loyal brand following and boost customer engagement by working with Red Rag marketing.

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LinkedIn Marketing for Lancashire Businesses

LinkedIn is a social media platform with over 575 million users worldwide. LinkedIn is not as popular as Facebook and Instagram for recreation, but the platform provides great opportunities to connect with other businesses and professionals. LinkedIn is a platform mainly for professionals. By executing an effective LinkedIn campaign with the right social media marketing agency, you can find potential partnerships and generate more B2B leads.

Facebook Marketing Training for Lancashire Businesses

Facebook marketing is not as easy as it looks. You need to have the proper training and knowledge to develop the proper social media management skills. Red Rag Marketing offers Facebook marketing consultation and training to help you develop your Facebook marketing skills. Contact us to know more!

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Why Lancashire-Based Businesses Should Work With Us

You need to work with a well-trusted agency to ensure tangible results with your social media marketing campaign. Red Rag Marketing has successfully launched many social media campaigns with positive results. With us on your team, you can generate more leads and have an excellent return on investment (ROI). We also customise our campaigns based on your company goals and needs.

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Lancashire is an administrative and historic county in northwestern England. The county covers a large area that includes several thriving districts. With more and more businesses setting up and expanding in Lancashire, competition can be tight in this area. To have an edge over your competitors, take advantage of the online market and work with a social media marketing agency. Don’t waste time and send us a message now!

Is your business located in other cities? We also offer Social Media Marketing Services in Glasgow, Nottingham, Preston, and Sheffield